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Engineering & Gear

I have several years of experience recording and mixing music.  I mostly specialize in vintage instruments, amps and microphones.  Some of my gear is available for rent on a limited basis.  Please contact me for more details, or for production work.

Available Gear:

Antelope Orion Studio 2017 Interface

iMac with Logic Pro X

1957 Fender Tremolux

1975 Fender Princeton Reverb

1954 Neuman M249B modified by Klaus Heyne

1961 Fender Telecaster

1957 Gibson ES-125

1948 Martin D-18

1962 Martin D-21

Sennheiser MD-421-N (3)

Sennheiser MD-421-U

Microtech-Geffel UMT70S

Shure SM-81

Shure SM-57 (2)

Audio Technica AT-4033

Sennheiser e609

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